Singing Beatles songs is about as universal as the campfire songs of ages ago. Everyone knows 'em, most seem to love 'em, and many are willing to take a stab at singing 'em. Recently we told you about the stellar rendition of 'I Want You' as performed by The Flaming Lips, and now today, we give you something from the lighter side of the menu. Enter Joseph Gordon-Levitt, with guitar in hand, to sing us a few minutes of the 1968 classic 'Hey Jude.'

Now, why the actor decided to perform this Beatles song at The Sundance film festival is unclear, but his obviously-sincere reading of the song seemed to win over Sundance hipsters and taste makers. And while it's not half bad, it's really only about one-third good.

But seriously folks, give the guy a round of applause for giving it a go. Many mightier trees have fallen in this forest. In case you're interested, he can also be found performing songs by Nirvana, the Pixies, the Supremes and Tom Waits, as well as another Beatles gem, 'With A Little Help From My Friends.' Consult your local You Tube dealer for more information.

We will confess, at first glance we had no idea who this person was. The name didn't ring any bells whatsoever, then we realized, oh's that kid from 'Third Rock From The Sun.' Yeah, OK. Once that minor detail wafted into our brains, we remembered he was most recently in that one film with that other guy, you know, the smart-ass kid from 'Freeks And Geeks.'  Yeah...him.

We know, the movie was actually the critically acclaimed '50/50' with co-star Seth Rogen, and yes, Joseph has been acting since a very young age and has lots of loyal fans...and there was something about a 'Dark Knight' and some chick named Zooey, and you know, other stuff too.

Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sing 'Hey, Jude'