There are certain things that are major hot button topics when it comes to what airs on television (yes, we're talking sex and violence), but that doesn't keep artists from pushing the envelope and seeing exactly how far they can take their videos. In the process, their artistic vision had to be reconsidered in certain cases as music networks decided to threaten the dreaded "ban." In other cases, there were bans that came as a result of more political implications brought about by network sponsors.

Were the networks right in blocking certain music videos? Was it a case of standards being more stringent and public tastes being more conservative then than they are now? We'll let you decide. But in our latest feature we team up with Loudwire to take a look at some of the top banned music videos that had plenty of interference in trying to make it to the airwaves. So check your sensitivities at the door and click on the button below to check out the first banned video.

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