No. 3: Spinal Tap’s Exploding Drummers


The word "luck" isn't even in the vocabulary of Spinal Tap, the fictional but fiercely beloved mock metal band featured in the 1984 mockumentary film 'This Is Spinal Tap.' Nothing ever seems to go right for Spinal Tap, whether it be pathetic tickets sales, constant in-band fighting or simply getting lost backstage on their way to the stage.

But the worst luck is reserved for those seeking to fill the drumming position, as Spinal Tap have gone through a seemingly endless series of drummers, each of whom has died under bizarre circumstances: spontaneous human combustion, a "bizarre gardening accident" and, choking to death on the vomit of person(s) unknown are just a few ways the band's numerous beat keepers have died. The police ruled that last death "a mystery better left unsolved."