In honor of tonight's (Oct. 29) Showtime premiere of the U2 documentary 'From the Sky Down,' the network is teaming up with Ultimate Classic Rock to give away the six CD, four DVD "Super Deluxe" box set edition of the band's seminal 'Achtung Baby' album.

The film, from 'It Might Get Loud' mastermind Davis Guggenheim, tells the inside story of the creation of 'Achtung Baby,' which marked a crucial turning point for the Irish band, who had conquered the world but also painted themselves into a creative corner with their 'The Joshua Tree' and 'Rattle and Hum' albums.

Somehow, after much struggle, the band managed to completely re-invent their sound and image and further solidify their place in rock history. Guggenheim was granted unprecedented access to the band's recollection of these events, including being played dramatic studio tapes revealing the creation of the mighty anthem 'One.'

It all promises to be a must-see film for fans of the band and rock music in general. If you can't watch the show tonight, don't worry, it'll be airing throughout the next few weeks on Showtime. Visit their official site to watch a preview of 'From the Sky Down' and to see the complete broadcast schedule.

The box set includes both 'Achtung Baby' and its follow up 'Zooropa,' as well as four discs of remixes, b-sides and a "Kindergarten" version of 'Achtung' comprised of early demo versions of the record. The DVDs include 'From the Sky Down,' a live concert from the Zoo TV tour, a disc full of videos from both albums and other assorted treats.

How can any fan resist this treasure trove? And all you gotta do is sign up below for your chance to win a free copy of the 'Achtung Baby' "Super Deluxe" box set. Good luck!

U2 'Achtung Baby' Super Deluxe Box Set Giveaway

Enter your e-mail address for a chance to win U2's 6 CD, 4 DVD Super Deluxe edition of 'Achtung Baby' from Showtime and Ultimate Classic Rock. Contest ends November 24, 2011. Click here for official rules.