After more than 30 years apart, Graham Parker and the Rumour are back together with a brand new album, 'Three Chords Good' -- and to celebrate, they've just debuted a video for the song 'Long Emotional Ride.'

If you're looking for performance footage featuring Parker and his reunited bandmates, you won't find it here; instead, 'Long Emotional Ride' depicts, well, a long emotional ride, as experienced by a young lady in a classic car. She happens to be a Graham Parker fan who already knows the words to the band's latest single -- but if you don't, never fear: The lyrics are part of the video, flashing on screen along with clips of our star as she wheels her way around town.

As we previously reported, the new album -- Parker's first with the Rumour since 1980's 'The Up Escalator' -- was released Nov. 19, and coincides with a flurry of activity that includes a new documentary, a healthy string of tour dates, and a big part (both on screen and on the soundtrack) in Judd Apatow's new film 'This Is 40.'

Check out the new video, and if you like what you hear, there's more where that came from -- we're hosting a stream of the complete 'Three Chords Good' right here on UCR.

Watch Graham Parker and the Rumour's 'Long Emotional Ride'