Styx's 'Difference in the World,' an acoustically driven song that swells with resonance, is a brand new tune that appears on the band's new album 'Regeneration, Volume I and II.' It's a two-disc set where 15 classic Styx cuts receive a modern makeover courtesy of the band's current lineup.

The song's main lyrical artery, where Tommy Shaw and company sing, "It's hard to keep your spirits / It's hard to keep from giving up / It's hard to make a difference in the world today," is poignant and thought provoking. Overall, 'Difference' is a real uplifting piece of classic progressive rock that avoids becoming too esoteric. Its layers and intricate guitar patterns, as well as subtle nuances, elevate the song nicely.

We predict you'll be singing the impossibly catchy "It's haaaaaard" chorus along with the band's flawlessly harmonized voices in no time. This is one of those room-filling songs that begs to be listened to in the car, so you can sing along at the top of your lungs.

About two minutes and 15 seconds in, the song twists in a layered melody and harmony that will remind fans of Shaw-Blades' finer work. It's a forward-thinking batch of riffing that comes out of nowhere, but also anchors the song. It's those "expect the unexpected" parts that keep us infinitely interested in Styx and tapping our toes to this song, which never devolves into soft rock. Thank you-know-who for small favors.


Listen to Styx's 'Difference in the World'

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