Steven Tyler is glad his penis is missing.

Missing from the pages of Joe Perry's memoir, that is. Despite his earlier claim that he had no interest in reading his longtime bandmate's new autobiography, 'Rocks: My Life in and Out of Aerosmith,' Tyler has recently copped to making his way through it -- and finding an entertaining book, too.

"It's well written; it's a beautiful book. Plus, he narrated it. I'm happy for him that he got this off his chest," Tyler told the South African station News 24. But most of all, Tyler added, "I'm glad there's no references to my penis, because he would have lost."

Genitals aside, Tyler made it clear that his earlier response to the question of whether he'd bother to read the book was meant to be taken sarcastically. "Well, someone asked me that, and I said 'Why would I want to read it? I lived it,'" he pointed out. "But of course I cracked the book open. I read some of it. It's very interesting -- he brings up his childhood, his mom and dad, his family -- I know every one of them."

'Rocks: My Life in and Out of Aerosmith' arrived in stores Oct. 7, the latest in a series of band-derived books that includes memoirs from Tyler and Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer.

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