In today's news dispatch from the Strange Bedfellows Department, we bring word of Steel Panther's recent appearance on Larry King Now, which found the host donning a Bret Michaels wig and quizzing the cheerfully uncouth rockers about everything from their pre-show routines to whether there's an opening in the lineup for an 81-year-old talk show legend.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Steel Panther interview if the guys in the band didn't take a few moments to praise the female of the species, and King obliged by asking them for their opinions regarding some of pop and rock's biggest acts, including Katy Perry and Beyoncé. If you've ever listened to a Steel Panther song, it won't surprise you to know that rather than talking about the music, they opted to weigh in on some of the performers' more...visual attributes.

And speaking of pretty, one of the other interview highlights took place when King opened the floor to fan questions — including one that asked bassist Lexxi Foxx if he'd ever consider starting a second career as an author by writing a book of makeup tips. Check it all out in the clips embedded at the top and bottom of the post, and head over to to watch the band's in-studio performance of "Party Like It's the End of the World."

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