After more than a quarter century, Starship featuring Mickey Thomas will release new music with the arrival of their album ‘Loveless Fascination’ on Sept. 17.

Ultimate Classic Rock has the exclusive premiere of the new lyric video for ‘It’s Not The Same As Love,’ the first single from the new record.

Thomas told Ultimate Classic Rock that when he was formulating plans to go back into the studio, he quickly came to grips with the direction that things needed to take: “Okay, we’re a classic rock band. Let’s make a classic rock record.”

“I decided to get back [and] to make a Starship record that would sound more like the late ‘70s / early ‘80s Starship as opposed to the late ‘80s Starship. In other words, a more organic, true classic rock and roll sound, [where we would] get in the studio and just kick ass with it. You know, play some serious edgy rock and roll [with] a little darker tone.”

He's especially pleased with Dokken, Foreigner, and Dio veteran Jeff Pilson's involvement in the project. Pilson produced ‘Loveless Fascination’ and wrote the bulk of the material. “He is classic rock personified. It just flows through his veins... he just lives and breathes it, and it comes across in the music.”

The band will hit the road later this month for tour dates in support of the new album. Thomas will also be a guest on the syndicated radio show ‘Rockline’ on October 9.

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