While they may not be celebrating their 50th anniversary quite as enthusiastically as some fans might have wanted, the Rolling Stones appear to have gotten back into gear with their latest tour -- and guitarist Ron Wood thinks these dates will serve as a springboard into more new music from the group.

"We’re having a ball," Wood told WZLX. "The shows are the best we’ve ever done. It’s a new lease on life. They’ve proved to be a kick in the pants for us. Not only can we do it -- we’re better than ever."

The excitement the band is feeling on stage could, according to Wood, lead them back into the studio. "It takes so much time and effort to take this thing back on the road. We test ourselves in stages and this is the latest surge of energy," he explained. "We’ve got the big wheels rolling now; we’ve just got to find the gaps to record."

And as for what the next batch of Stones music might sound like? It's really anyone's guess at this point, although Wood did say he thinks the two new songs they recorded for last year's best-of compilation 'GRRR!' "mix in well with the repertoire." Whenever they get around to putting together a new record, it'll be long overdue -- there hasn't been a full-length LP of new Stones material since 'A Bigger Bang,' released in September of 2005.

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