Roger Waters has been crossing the borders on ‘The Wall’ tour since 2010 and now he’s planning to go out in smashing fashion. While the tour was originally scheduled to wrap up in Philadelphia on July 14, Waters has had a change of plans, adding another brick in the wall.

The very last show on the tour will now take place in Quebec City, Quebec at Fields of Abraham on July 21 where Waters intends to make a dent in music history.

During the show, Waters plans to erect the biggest wall to date, measuring in at two-times the size that’s been previously constructed. As in, more than 250 meters, which translates to a little over 820 feet for those of us who haven’t gone completely metric just yet. He’s also promising a bigger show all around with more pyro, more lighting, and a full-surround sound system to “shake the entire site.”

Waters, who’s done something similar once before back in 1990 in Berlin, promises that this new wall will be like no other. “We’re going to do the ‘The Wall’ show, but it’s going to be completely unlike any of ‘The Wall’ shows we’ve done in the world during this tour,” explains Waters. Promising a “Great Wall of China effect” creating quite a visual, Water says, “It’s always something I’ve wanted to do outdoors theatrically.”

In the video clip below Waters talked about bringing the big show to Canada, saying, “I’ve always loved playing in Québec. The Québécois are a very passionate and musical people and we’ll be playing on the Fields of Abraham.”

In closing, a comical Waters summed it up succinctly in between speaking in French verses or at least a French accent, saying “If you don’t come, there’s something f---ing wrong with you.” Waters has never been once to mince words and hey, who can really argue with that?

Tickets will be available to the general public beginning on June 5 here, or fans can register on for a limited number of priority tickets (wristbands) that will be available in advance of the public sale for fans who register on between 9:00am on Wednesday May 23 and 9pm Thursday May 31.

Watch Roger Waters Talk About Building ‘The Wall’ in Quebec

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