Rod Stewart tells stories and names names in his new book, 'Rod: The Autobiography.' While the memoir doesn't his stores and digital retailers until later this month, the singer has been doing press and he hasn't been shy about talking about the women he's, umm … "dated."

The 67-year-old Stewart tells the Daily Mail that he lost count of the women he bedded by his early 20s, and a few years later he'd grown tired of virtual escalator of leggy lovers. "I got bored of not feeling affectionate towards girls," he says in the interview. "I wanted to be in love. I wanted something special."

"After a while it was sad, it was actually sad. I remember being at a hotel in Cannes and we were shagging ourselves rotten and I said 'This is f----ng depressing.' And it was. You just felt empty. If you’re 17 or 18 it’s great fun, in your 20s it is fine, but the older you get .... the more tragic it gets.’

Stewart goes on to say that he's rarely spent more than a few days without a woman in his life, which is part of the reason he's gone through wives like a cigarettes (in reality he's only been married three times, but he's fathered eight kids with five women). As a young rocker with the Faces he'd have one girl dropped off at the airport as another was picked up, "but the girls never knew."

The book promises to dive deep into these exploits as well as his dabbling with drugs and the heartbreak he felt when second wife Rachel Hunter left him. He hired a counselor, but ironically she began hitting on him.

"I knew it was my comeuppance. I’d broken all these hearts. It was my turn. But it bloody hurt."

Stewart has been married to his wife Penny for five years, but they've been exclusive to each other for a decade. The Daily Mail interview is a lengthy look into the oddities and quirks of the famous rocker's current life, including his obsession with punctuality, down to the time he demands his first glass of wine every night.

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