A 13-year old girl named Rachel Crow sang the Rolling Stones' classic 'Satisfaction' on 'X Factor' tonight, and the judges all said they liked it, but really... how mean can you be to a kid who's not even 14 yet?

Obviously, we can't expect, and more importantly, shouldn't want Crow to have experienced anything in her life that would give her any true understanding of the societal and sexual angst that Mick Jagger sang about as a young man of the world way back in 1965.

But it was "rock week," so she had to give it her best shot, and judged on the scale of her fellow performers, she did, uh, great. Thing is, much like the other contestants, there was very little actual rock energy in her delivery. Instead, she dragged the song into a happy, bouncy, backup-singer heavy R&B revue type of presentation.

She did hit an impressive range of notes, and yeah, Aretha Franklin came to mind slightly when she was in her lower register. But as with nearly every performance since this cursed show began, you have to ask yourself.. so what? What are we as a society going to get out of this? These people may be talented, and in many cases even that is debatable, but they're not unique and unique is what lasts.

Watch Rachel Crow Sing 'Satisfaction' by the Rolling Stones on 'X Factor'