Former Angel guitarist Punky Meadows has been inching his way back into the spotlight this past year with some new music and some live dates.

And now he's released a new single, "Lost and Lonely," that features two former Angel bandmates, bassist Felix Robinson and singer Frank Dimino.

You can watch the exclusive premiere of the song's video above.

“We had such a great time shooting our latest video with Frank, Felix and the guys [from my current band],” Meadows says in a press release. “We thought it would be something special for not only the fans of my band, but for the many Angel fans as well. Frank really delivered on this track, and the whole band kicked ass!”

The "Lost and Lonely" clip marks the first time since 1980 that three members of Angel have appeared together in a video. The song itself dives into the band's vintage sound with a solid punch of heavy guitar riffing and powerful Dimono vocal. The single is avaiolable today at iTunes.

"Melody and rhythm will always be my first loves," Meadows told Vintage Rock recently. "I love creating heavy, great pop songs you want to just roll the window down in your car and listen to. That’s what I have always been after and I think we captured that here."

While Angel seemed to have all the elements for big-time success back in the '70s, things never quite clicked for them. Even though they never became a household name, they've maintained a devoted cult following over the decades for their polished and powerful pop-meets-metal attack.

"Lost and Lonely" follows the release of Meadows' first solo album, Fallen Angel, which came out last year.

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