Led Zeppelin were the second biggest winners in the 2012 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards, taking home two trophies for their live album and concert film 'Celebration Day,' which chronicled their triumphant one-off 2007 reunion concert. 

The audio version of 'Celebration Day' won the Best Live Album competition by capturing 41% of all filed ballots. That beat out both the mighty AC/DC -- whose 'Live at River Plate' earned 25% of the vote -- and Ozzy Osbourne, whose archival 'Ozzy Live' set notched 9%.

On the visual side, the set also took home the prize for DVD of the Year with 37% of the vote, good enough to surpass fellow contenders such as Iron Maiden (who scored 11% for 'En Vivo') and Osbourne for the long-awaited DVD release of his 'Speak of the Devil' concert film.

Oh, and one quick clarification: don't let this photo fool you, President Obama was unable to present Led Zeppelin with their awards.

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