If there was one song that could properly express the thoughts the world is feeling after the terrorist attacks in Paris yesterday (Nov. 14), it would likely be John Lennon's "Imagine." An unidentified man must have felt the same way, because he played it outside the Bataclan theater, where the most violent of the six attacks took place.

As you can see in the above video, the man towed his piano, on which the peace sign had been painted, on his bicycle. He proceeded to sit down and play Lennon's universal anthem for peace as onlookers watched and took photos and videos.

Last night, at least 129 people were killed and 352 were injured as terrorists struck six targets in the French capital. The Eagles of Death Metal were performing inside the Bataclan when four men opened fire into the crowd. Somewhere between 80 and 112 people were killed, and 20 were taken as hostages. The terrorists were all killed, one by the police and the other three detonated the explosive vests they were wearing.

The members of the Eagles of Death Metal and the opening act, Red Lemons, were unharmed. They were able to escape the club shortly after the attacks began and take a cab to safety. However, Nick Alexander, a British citizen who was selling merchandise for the band, was killed. Another member of their crew is believed to have been injured. In addition, three staffers for the French arm of Universal Music, the band's label, lost their lives, according to the label's head.