Joe Walsh has collected more than his share of stories in his nearly 50-year career as a member of the James Gang, Barnstorm, the Eagles and a solo artist, and he's going to share the best of them with the world soon. In a new interview, he revealed that he is writing his autobiography.

"I've been working on it for about a year," Walsh told Billboard. "Some of it's really funny. Some of it is what happened. Some of it is other people telling me what I did and some of it is just plain my humor. When it's done it will come out. It's kind of a big undertaking."

While a memoir from one of classic rock's most colorful personalities -- and one with a long list of famous friends and collaborators, to boot -- would seem like something that should have already happened, Walsh, with his customary drollness, explained what has taken him so long to start putting pen to paper.

"I thought for awhile I could actually make more money from people paying me to NOT be in the book, but I guess I'll go ahead and write it anyway."

Given Walsh's schedule -- he has a month-long tour starting in mid-September in addition to working on the follow-up to 2012's Analog Man -- we don't yet have an idea when he'll be finished with it. Still, it will be a travesty if it will be titled anything other than Life's Been Good.

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