Wondering what to get that special someone on your Christmas list? Are they a Hendrix fan? Do you have $45,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Well someone did! At a recent auction listed by Gotta Have Rock And Roll, a contract signed by Jimi Hendrix sold for, get this, $45,960.00! The listing started at $10,000, but eight bids placed pushed the price up pretty quickly.

The item in question is a signed settlement contract between Jimi Hendrix, PPX Records, Michael Jeffries and Warner Brothers Records dated June 24th, 1968. This document effectively released Hendrix from his first contract, which was not the most lucrative to say the least!

The 14 page document was signed by Hendrix, on page 13, and is the only known contract signed by all concerned parties in the deal. Its signing marked the end of Jimi's atrocious first deal, where he was paid a mere one percent of the retail selling price of all records sold and only minimum scale for his production efforts.

Amazingly enough, another contract -- a publishing agreement covering songs such as 'Purple Haze' and 'The Wind Cries Mary' -- sold for even more money. It sold for $62,775.00 and we hope Hendrix earned many many more times that for these songs!

Jimi's music has obviously lived on long after any of the contract disputes that he dealt with early in the game. He is but one of countless musicians and celebrities who have proven to be worth far more money in death than they could ever have imagined while alive. Just ask Elvis or Marilyn Monroe. (Granted, you'll need a Ouija board...)

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