In the end, not much separated these two finalists, but an intriguing, closest-ever race for the 100 percent fan-voted Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame has concluded with Foreigner on top. The 'Hot Blooded' hitmakers are your newest inductees. Meanwhile, the Cars fell by only the slimmest of margins -- 50.27 to 49.73, or just 0.54 percent.

Foreigner was initially formed in 1976 by Mick Jones, Ian McDonald and Lou Gramm, and got off to a fast start with its four million-selling 1977 debut. The follow-up, 'Double Vision,' sold five million. Lineup changes followed 1979's 'Head Games,' even as the platinum partnership of Gramm and Jones grew stronger: 1981's '4' would become their biggest album ever, topping the charts for 10 weeks on the way to seven-times platinum sales. Foreigner then scored its first U.S. No. 1 single with 'I Want to Know What Love Is' from 1984's 'Agent Provocateur.'

After one more album, Gramm began an off-and-on relationship with the band, but Foreigner remained a staunchly popular touring act, with Kelly Hansen fronting the group since 2005. Jones is the only remaining founding member these days, though original drummer Dennis Elliott guested with Foreigner in 2013. More recently, Foreigner joined Styx and Don Felder for the well-received 'Sounds of Summer' tour, even as Jones confirmed a long-hoped-for reunion with Gramm on a solo project.

By the way, Foreigner slipped past Cheap Trick in semifinal voting in a similar fashion, earning a little more than 50 percent of fan-cast ballots then, too. They beat Peter Gabriel in the first round.

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