Designer Jonathan Barnbrook has directed a lyric video for "I Can't Give Everything Away," the third single from David Bowie's Blackstar album.

The clip, which you can watch above, serves as "an animated visual interpretation" of the song from the perspective of an artist whose long relationship with Bowie culminated in the visual design and presentation of the Blackstar LP. Approaching the elegiac closing track on Bowie's final album, Barnbrook used Bowie's lyrics for "I Can't Give Everything Away" to tell the video's story.

"This is really a very simple little video that I wanted to be ultimately positive,” Barnbrook explained in a press release. "We start off in black and white world of ★, but in the final chorus we move to brilliant color, I saw it as a celebration of David, to say that despite the adversity we face, the difficult things that happen such as David’s passing, that human beings are naturally positive, they look forward and can take the good from the past and use it as something to help with the present. We are a naturally optimistic species and we celebrate the good that we are given."

Blackstar topped the charts in a number of countries after its Jan. 8 arrival, and has sold roughly two million copies around the world to date. As NME reports, the record's healthy sales are just part of an overall commercial resurgence for Bowie — particularly in the U.K., where he's responsible for three of the 10 best-selling albums of 2016.

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