Grab some popcorn! We have a bunch of classic rock movie facts you may not know about some of your favorite music stars.

For instance, did you know that Mark Knopfler refused to do the soundtrack to The Princess Bride unless director Rob Reiner included a key piece of memorabilia from This Is Spinal Tap in the movie? Or that the owner of the song used in the closing credits of The Big Lebowski waived his fee after hearing a key line in the script about the Eagles?

How about that Mick Jagger was once interested in starring in both The Rocky Horror Picture Show and A Clockwork Orange? (His casting choice for the latter is priceless.) Or that Ozzy Osbourne was supposed to voice the green fairy in Moulin Rouge before he was replaced by Kylie Minogue? (One small element of his performance remains, however.)

Learn more about these and other interesting tidbits of trivia in the below list of 25 Interesting Rock Movie Facts You May Not Know.

25 Rock Movie Facts You May Not Know

Grab some popcorn!

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