Chickenfoot have premiered their new video for 'Three and a Half Letters,' a tune off their latest album, 'Chickenfoot III.' The song features singer Sammy Hagar reading from a selection of letters he's received from fans who lost their jobs, military vets who have returned home from serving overseas and can't find work as well as others facing tough economic times.

"I've received letters over the years from lots of people, mostly fans, but some people just needing help, looking for work, knowing I have liquor companies, restaurants and employ a lot of people," Hagar tells Artist Direct. "The idea didn't dawn on me until I read the letter I received from the guy who just returned from Afghanistan ... and at the end of his letter he wrote, 'Can you help? I need a job.' And the song came together."

The accompanying video features performance clips of Chickenfoot rocking the song in a recording studio interspersed with footage -- with actors or documentary style, it does not specify -- of people holding up signs about needing work, writing letters to Hagar and just generally looking desperate and miserable. We're pretty sure there's an important message in all of this, although it might take us a little while to find it.

Hagar and Chickenfoot are asking fans to send in their stories, for possible inclusion in future live performances of the song tailored to each city on their upcoming tour.

Watch the Video for Chickenfoot's 'Three and A Half Letters'

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