Chickenfoot's long layoff between studio albums seems likely to continue for the foreseeable future, but fans may get a taste of new music this year — and at least one glimpse of the band onstage.

Guitarist Joe Satriani shared the group's upcoming plans during an interview with Northwest Music Scene, noting that despite each member's packed personal schedule, they've found a way to book a one-off concert for the spring while nearly completing one new song.

"It looks like we're going to do a show in the middle of May," said Satriani. "We're getting together, just one show, the original band. I think it's a Lake Tahoe show. We're kind of working around the schedule of [drummer Chad Smith], who's got a rehearsal schedule at that point with the Chili Peppers. I'm in between my U.S. and European tours, and I know there's a Benioff Children's Hospital benefit that I do with [singer Sammy Hagar] and James Hetfield, which comes up about a week before that, so it comes up like right in the middle or early May -- maybe the 7th or something like that. And then we've got a track that's pretty much done; it's about 99 percent finished. We actually recorded a song."

The new song, titled "Before I Die," came up during Hagar's chat with Ultimate Classic Rock last fall. Calling it "the coolest song that we’ve maybe ever had," he described the track as "really bluesy and edgy and modern and it’s f—ing cool."

Hagar seems likely to add some new Chickenfoot commentary of his own during a Facebook Q&A session he has scheduled for later today at 3PM ET. The event, which is taking place at Hagar's Facebook page, is timed to promote his new AXS TV series, Rock & Roll Road Trip, which is scheduled to begin Jan. 24 with an episode featuring Chickenfoot bassist Michael Anthony and former Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. Visit the AXS TV website for more information.

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