Veteran soul singer Charles Bradley has filmed a video for his cover of Black Sabbath's "Changes," originally released as a vinyl exclusive from Record Store Day Black Friday 2013.

Rolling Stone reports that director Eric Feigenbaum initially planned on making a standard performance video for "Changes," but given Bradley's intense emotional connection to the song, he opted to simply film Bradley's face as he listened and responded to the track. ""We only did that once," Feigenbaum is quoted as saying. "By the end of the take, everybody in the room was holding back tears."

As Bradley explained in a statement, the Sabbath classic has a deep personal meaning for him. "I think about the lyrics very closely when I sing 'Changes' and get emotional," he said. "It makes me think of my mother and the changes in my life since she passed away."

Bradley's close bond with his mother is just one of the aspects of his life and career explored in the documentary Charles Bradley: Soul of America, which arrived on VOD services in 2013. The film recounts the often difficult circumstances he's faced, and though it ends on a somewhat triumphant note, footage of Bradley sleeping in his mother's basement is just one sobering part of an unflinching portrayal of his gentle perseverance in the face of lifelong adversity.

While he's continued to deal with personal loss, Bradley's career is definitely on the upswing. "Changes," which is available for purchase now, serves as the title track from his next LP, which is due April 1 and will be followed by a spring European tour. For more information, visit his official site.

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