When the Rolling Stones ventured across the Atlantic and onto U.S. soil for the first time in 1964, it was a performance on the set of ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ that introduced the British rockers to the American public.

The Stones would show up five more times on the live variety show, rocking out a total of 17 songs over the course of a half-dozen ‘Sullivan Show’ appearances. Now, for the first time, all those shows are collected on two brand new, two-disc DVD sets.

Hitting shelves on Oct. 4, ‘The Ed Sullivan Show Starring the Rolling Stones’ is a two-DVD collection that documents four of the band’s live ‘Sullivan Show' appearances. The set starts with their “triumphant” May 2, 1965, return to the ‘Sullivan’ stage and features three other classic Stones episodes, spanning from 1965 to 1967.

Each episode is documented in its entirety, with all other musical performers (including Tom Jones and Louis Armstrong) and even the original commercials included, making this set a true historical document.

Out four weeks later on Nov. 4 is ‘The Ed Sullivan Show Starring the Rolling Stones (Deluxe Edition),’ which captures the same four episodes as mentioned above, plus two additional shows. The gem here is the band’s Oct. 24, 1964, ‘Sullivan Show’ debut, a legendary night that saw them rock out the Chuck Berry classic “Around and Around” in addition to their own Top 10 hit, “Time Is On My Side.” During the appearance, Sullivan has the unenviable task of quelling a frenzied crowd of teenaged admirers as he tries to interview singer Mick Jagger.