Classic Hits

Bruce Springsteen Close to Announcing New Album, Tour Dates
The new Bruce Springsteen album will have social overtones, and will include "new textures and styles." Rolling Stone reports that the rocker is nearly ready to unveil his 17th studio album and tour dates with the E Street Band. Information about the new single, "We Take C…
Publishing Rights to Six Early Beatles Songs Sold
So as it turns out, the estate of Michael Jackson doesn't own the global publishing rights to every Beatles song ever. In fact, the North American rights to six early Fab Four songs have just been snapped up by a company you've probably never even heard of.
Styx Supporting New Live DVD With TV Special, U.S. Tour
The new year is already off to a great start for Styx, who have a lot of irons in the fire only days into 2012. In addition to the band's new live DVD set for release later this month, the iconic outfit is also gearing up to hit the road this year on a U.S. tour that will keep them on the road …

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