Your own list of the Top 100 Rolling Stones Songs would most likely look quite different from the one you're (hopefully) about to read -- and if we were to start all over again, ours would probably change a lot as well. That's primarily a testimony to the range, consistency and power of this groundbreaking and enduring rock band.

(Of course, some of our more vocal Facebook commenters will attribute it to our idiocy; please ignore them.)

With over 50 years and 24 studio albums under their belts since their first concert on July 12, 1962, the Stones -- Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, (for most years) Bill Wyman, and their three lead guitarists (Brian Jones, Mick Taylor and Ron Wood) -- have covered more territory and endured the trends and changing tastes of more eras than any classic rock band in history. That certainly gave us plenty of choices with which to create this sure-to-be-debated countdown of the top Rolling Stones songs.

You'll find tracks from the band's earliest days of performing rocked-up blues and R&B covers, and listen as their songwriting skills grow and expand to include folk, country and even jazz influences. There's big hits, beloved album tracks, most likely a few surprises and even a handful of solo tracks. So, as Ed Sullivan would force us to say, let's spend some time together with the Top 100 Rolling Stones Songs: