Any chance to see Paul McCartney these days is a special event, but the former Beatle's Las Vegas show on Friday night gained extra significance with the presence of Yoko Ono and other members of the extended Beatles family.


Having celebrated the fifth anniversary of the 'Love' Las Vegas show earlier in the week, Ono and Sean Lennon were in attendance for the McCartney's Vegas performance, along with George Harrison's widow, Olivia, and Beatles producer George Martin.

As the Las Vegas Sun reports, it made the most emotional moments of McCartney's set, like the Lennon-inspired 'Here Today,' even more poignant. “This was written after my dear friend John passed away,” said Macca from the stage. He then added, "Let's hear it for John," which garnered a rousing response from the audience.

McCartney delved into three hours' worth of catalog favorites spanning his Beatles, Wings and solo careers. He even threw in the occasional newer bits of material, including 'Sing the Changes' from the latest Fireman album, one of the higher points of his recent output.

During the show, Ono was happy to be just another member of the audience, as she stood throughout most of the show, waving her arms and flashing peace signs.

Within the set, even the instruments that McCartney employed had some history. Playing ukulele on George Harrison's 'Something' gave McCartney the opportunity to enthuse about Harrison and his love for the instrument. His trademark Hofner bass was ever present and a rendition of 'Yesterday' found McCartney playing the same acoustic that he used to debut the song in 1965 on 'The Ed Sullivan Show.'

The Vegas show capped a memorable week of 'Love' celebrations, and McCartney commented officially to the press on the origins of the musical endeavor. “As I said to George Martin at a rehearsal of the show in 2006, for me what is really strange about this is remembering writing these things, which is so little, little guitar, little piano, a little bit of paper and pencil on the back of an envelope, 'Sgt. Pepper' or something," recalls Macca. "It is such a little process and now look what happened to it. It’s incredible.”

Watch Paul McCartney Perform 'Here Today' at His Las Vegas Show Friday Night