Keith Richards has taught the rock world an important lesson: make fun of your lead singer's little lead singer and you'll be on the outside looking in at future celebratory gatherings. The Rolling Stones' guitarist did that and called Mick Jagger "unbearable" in his book 'Life,' and now Jagger is seemingly retaliating by not letting Richards come to the band's 50th anniversary celebration.

Jagger talked to Live Magazine about a potential celebration at the Marquee Club in London, the venue that hosted the Stones' first gig. "Maybe we could go back to the Marquee to accept a plaque for 50 years of service instead of a tour. That could work - except Keith obviously can't come. Charlie Watts can come but he wouldn't get the plaque obviously." Watts wasn't with the band in 1962, but Richards most definitely was. He and Jagger were boyhood friends growing up in Dartford.

There were rumors of an anniversary tour, but that idea seems unrealistic as Jagger goes on to discuss his new project SuperHeavy and how his Rolling Stones' bandmates have received the album. "Ronnie's (Ronnie Wood) listened to it. He's sweet, he's very supportive. He liked it very much, he liked it all, particularly some of the first tracks we started with.

"And Charlie liked it. He's all about the grooves, he's got a great ear. I don't know if Keith really listens to that much. I don't know what Keith listens to. He says he listens to Chuck Berry, I wonder if it is actually true."

If this whole rock 'n' roll thing doesn't work out for them and the band is forced to retire before they can patch up their differences, we've got a great idea for a new project. The Bravo network would no doubt love a show called 'House Husbands of London.'