The Rolling Stones provide the music for the new Grey Goose vodka television ad with their 1978 single 'Miss You,' taken from one of the last Stones albums all the critics agree was brilliant, 'Some Girls.'

Personally, we're down with Mick, Keith and company at least through 1983's 'Undercover,' and if you buy us a couple of vodkas, we can make the case for a lot of later stuff too.  But back to the ad - 'Miss You' is a nice choice for this commercial; it's a rock song, but a smooth, sophisticated one.

As Jagger's famous wordless "whoo-hooo" refrain glides over Charlie Watts' disco-rock beat, classy black and white scenes of a clearly exclusive social gathering play out in front of us.  Which brings us to our only problem with this spot.  Does anyone else go crazy from the sounds of clinking ice cubes or pouring liquid? Wouldn't you much rather hear the Stones?

Although their 50th anniversary is coming up, it looks like it might be a while before we hear new music from the Rolling Stones - at least, from all of them together.  Mick Jagger just announced he'll have a record out this fall from a new supergroup called Superheavy, and Keith Richards is saying he's working on a third X-pensive Winos record.

Watch the Grey Goose 'Reunion' Commercial featuring the Rolling Stones' 'Miss You'