As you’re plotting your summer concert plans, you can mark the Rolling Stones down as one band that will NOT be on the road this summer.  That’s the scoop according to Stones guitarist Keith Richards, who broke the news last night during an appearance on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.'

Richards was promoting the new paperback version of ‘Life,’ his wildly popular bestselling autobiography from last year. When Fallon broached the subject of a possible Stones tour, Keith indicated he didn't think it would happen this year, joking “I’m trying to nail them down, but I don’t want to crucify them!”

While the Stones are in a semi-dormant state, Richards has plenty of activities keeping him busy. Conversing with Fallon, Richards shared that he’s in the beginning stages of a new solo album. The untitled and unscheduled record will find him working once again with longtime collaborator/producer Steve Jordan and the rest of the X-Pensive Winos, the backing band on his previous two solo albums.

With the next installment of the popular ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise hitting theaters on May 20th, Richards offered a peek inside the storyline for the new film.  He said that his role in the new Pirates movie isn't all that big, instead labeling it “more of a conversation” with co-star Johnny Depp.

Richards also dispelled the rumored animosity between the Rolling Stones and the Beatles during their heyday saying “it was totally the opposite” and revealing how the two groups would occasionally discuss upcoming plans for single releases to avoid competing with each other.

Keith says that the possibility remains that someday he and Paul McCartney, who is a friend, might do an album together, saying “the thought is there, but the deed is yet to be done.”

Watch Keith Richards on the 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' Show