Ozzy Osbourne has revealed that discussions about a Black Sabbath reunion are in fact happening, although he cautions that the process is in the "very early stages, so we haven't recorded anything yet."

Rumors of an original-lineup Sabbath reunion have been swirling ever since a Birmingham Mail reporter quoted guitarist Tony Iommi as confirming writing sessions had taken place between himself and Osbourne. Iommi promptly called this "speculative," but didn't fully deny the story. Soon after, Iommi's manager and Ozzy's kids seemed to indicate things were happening, but this is the most official confirmation yet.

And it doesn't sound like things are fully locked in yet. Osbourne tells Billboard, "If it works out, it works out. If it doesn't, I'll keep doing my thing." Currently Ozzy's "thing" includes promoting his upcoming medical and relationship advice book, 'Trust Me I'm Dr. Ozzy,' and presumably pretending to be deaf every time his wife Sharon approaches him about starring in another reality TV show.

"Sharon loves TV and I don't have any problem with that," Osbourne says of his 'America's Got Talent' and 'The Talk' co-hosting wife, "but I just don't like doing it. I'm alright doing an ad or a quick spot for the camera, but I just don't like doing the TV shows."