We've pitted songs and albums against each other in previous installments of Clash of the Titans, but this time, we're pitching a bigger battle, and putting two entire decades in the ring.

That's right, rock fans: For this Clash, we're making you choose between the '70s and '80s — a pair of 10-year spans during which the genre faced challenges from a growing array of new technologies and sounds, with everything from punk and disco to MTV and the drum machine forcing artists to evolve and adapt to keep with the times.

While all these changes had a tendency to produce some of the more infamously ill-advised decisions made by rock artists, the '70s and '80s also produced a lot of classic rock records — more than you might think, especially during the latter decade, which is often remembered more as a breeding ground for New Wave and hip-hop than a rock-friendly era.

In fact, how you feel about this Clash of the Titans poll probably has a lot to do with when you were born, and which decade you remember most fondly (or remember at all). But for those of you who just can't decide, don't worry — we've included a whole bunch of great albums from both decades below to help you relive some of the brightest highlights from the '70s and '80s, and you can vote once an hour between now and when the ballots close 11:59PM ET on March 22.

Top 100 Rock Albums of the '80s

Top 100 Rock Albums of the '70s