This weekend's Coachella music festival featured the high-tech return from the dead of rappers Tupac Shakur and Nate Dogg, who performed on-stage as part of Dr. Dre's set in hologram form. Yes, this really happened -- you can see the video right over here.

These live holograms have been used in increasingly ambitious ways by entertainers and big businesses lately. So of course we got to thinking about the practical classic rock applications of this technology. Does this mean bands are just going to play one show on their tours, and broadcast their digital selves to all the other cities?

More importantly, does this mean we'll soon be offered a chance to see Led Zeppelin perform with John Bonham back behind the drum kit somehow? Or the remaining halves of the Beatles and the Who joining their living counterparts? Which rock star would you most like to see make be digitally resurrected, or does the whole idea seem ghoulish to you?