As the 6th annual Record Store Day approaches on April 20, lots of the unique musical treasures that will be made available to eager fans are starting to surface. The newest of the “must-have” offerings is the official poster for 2013, featuring a photo of Jimi Hendrix.

The poster, seen here, was made from a photo taken in a small record store right before the release of Hendrix’s own ‘Are You Experienced,’ it holds some significance to music history and perfectly lends itself to the cause. According to the report, Hendrix was a fan of record stores and often found himself entrenched in one shopping for the latest releases.

Jimi’s sister Janie Hendrix weighed in on the use of the image for Record Store Day as well. "It's entirely appropriate that an image of Jimi Hendrix is on the official Record Store Day poster,” she said. “He was an avid music fan and record collector himself and, of course, his recordings are among the most enduring and cherished of all time.” She continued, expressing, “Jimi's musical legacy and influence grow with every passing year so, in a sense, he makes Record Store Day last much, much longer than 24 hours."

The special Jimi Hendrix poster is a limited edition run with only 5,000 being made for the event. The 24”x36” poster will be printed on heavy paper and free to fans on Record Store Day but contact your local store that week for all the latest details on how to snag one as they will likely be in high demand.

The poster isn’t the only Hendrix goodie to be had on Record Store Day. A limited edition, individually numbered 7” vinyl single will also be up for grabs featuring the original mono mix of ‘Hey Joe’ backed with ‘Stone Free,’ both previously unavailable since their release in 1966.

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