Yes have released an intriguing concept video for ‘We Can Fly,’ the first single from the band’s new album ‘Fly From Here.' The clip features a cameo from producer Trevor Horn, yet no sign of the actual band members.

Appropriately, the video takes place at an airport with a male passenger, who initially is apparently waiting to catch a flight. Reading an article about “the golden age of passenger aviation,” the man reads of a “Hollywood mogul lost in tragic air crash” and subsequently, the pilot error which contributed to the crash.

Suddenly and without explanation, he’s running through the airport and finds himself on the plane. As he looks around to get his bearings, he sees the Hollywood mogul, played by Horn, as well as additional passengers previously seen in the article he was reading. Looking at himself, he discovers that he’s now also wearing a pilot uniform. This of course, means that he’ll probably fly the plane before the video is through.

Our hero somehow makes his way up to the cockpit -- apparently airline security wasn’t as tight back then -- and as far as where the video goes from there, well... we’ll let you watch it and find out for yourself.

Yes is performing an abridged version of the epic 20-minute-plus album title track ‘Fly From Here’, which includes 'We Can Fly,' as part of their summer tour with Styx, which began on Monday night in Camden, N.J.

Watch Yes' 'We Can Fly' Video