'X Factor' contestant Simone Battle cried for 'Help!' on tonight's episode of the reality competition series. While some might feel that Battle stomped all over sacred territory by attempting to perform the definitive, 1965-issued song by the Beatles, she turned in an interesting and applause-worthy performance. The singer gets a lot of screen time on the show, since she has so much confidence and flat out says that she wants to be the world's biggest pop star, even if she isn't the best singer. But the show is about many things combined, not just the voice, and Battle surely has the intangibles -- not to mention a cool, pop star-worthy name.

Since Battle is a wannabe pop star, she dressed the part, in a revealing bra-like top and a long, flowing, see-through skirt and heels. They say dress for the job you want, and that's what she did. It really is a far cry from what John and Paul and George and Ringo did, but the song is so solidly constructed that it lent itself to a makeover by a reality talent show competitor.

Battle transformed the song into a slow, yearning, heart-wrenching ballad. It was believable and not blasphemous, either. Her voice did crack at the end, but it wasn't enough to erase the strength of the performance.

After she sang, judge Simon Cowell said he thought that she was fantastic.

Watch Simone Battle's 'X Factor' Performance of 'Help!'