After listening to a song for almost 30 years, sometimes you're ready to hear it with a new twist -- or new words, even. Just ask Reggie Watts, who stopped by the AV Club this week to contribute a cracked cover of Van Halen's 'Panama' to the site's ongoing A.V. Undercover series.

Unlike most performers, Watts didn't settle for adding his stylistic stamp to a song we all know by heart. He took things a little further, contributing entirely new verses about...well, about Panama, really, which makes sense if you aren't accustomed to associating the song title with reaching down between one's legs and easing the seat back.

It's a decidedly irreverent take on an '80s AOR classic. Watts claims he took it from some old demos given him by the members of Van Halen -- which is surely bunk, of course, but if there's a classic rock frontman on Earth who should be able to appreciate this type of off-the-wall overhaul, it's David Lee Roth. In fact, now we kind of want to see the band performing Watts' version on tour. What do you think?

Watch Reggie Watts Cover Van Halen's 'Panama'