The great thing about Van Halen is that they definitely have a deep catalog to choose from, and should they feel like picking out a deeper album cut at a show, the band's longtime loyal fans will be in for a treat.

With David Lee Roth back fronting the group, there's a chance to really take a trip in the "Way Way Back Machine," and that's exactly what happened at the group's June 5 show at the HP Pavilion in San Jose. About midway through the set, "Diamond Dave" and the band revisited 'Bottoms Up' on stage for the first time since 1983. For those doing the math in their head, that was a full eight years before current bassist Wolfgang Van Halen was even born.

Van Halen have been good about keeping their sets fresh with new music throughout the run. 'And the Cradle Will Rock' returned during a show in St. Paul, and 'Blood and Fire,' 'Hang 'Em High,' 'Girl Gone Bad,' 'The Full Bug,' 'Hear About it Later,' and 'Outta Love Again' have all been incorporated into the set lists at some point.

The San Jose show featured 24 songs, bookended by 'Unchained' and 'Jump.' In the middle, fans were treated to covers of Roy Orbison's 'Pretty Woman,' the Kinks' 'You Really Got Me,' and John Brim's 'Ice Cream Man,' as well as the current single, 'She's the Woman.'

Though Van Halen recently postponed a bunch of shows, they will remain on tour through June 26 in New Orleans and they expect to return later in the year.

Watch Van Halen Perform 'Bottoms Up' in San Jose