Van Halen made some noteworthy changes for the second of their two headlining shows at New York's Madison Square Garden last night (March 1) including a new opening song, the unearthing of a long unheard deep album cut, and a new microphone for singer David Lee Roth.

After performing at the first several shows of the tour with a headless microphone more suited for a dancing pop star, Roth kicked it old-school style last night with a more traditional hand-held number, according to The headset had seemed to give him some problems at earlier concerts -- he was frequently holding his hands in front of it as if to deliver the vocals properly.

Also new: after opening every show on their 2007-8 reunion tour (and this one) with their famous cover of the Kinks' 'You Really Got Me,' Van Halen switched things up by kicking off last night's concert with their own 'Unchained.' We still say 'Romeo Delight' is the way to go -- "We're in for a very long niiiiight" -- but it's nice to see some variety and there's no knocking that 'Fair Warning' classic.

The other exciting news was that the band broke out 'The Full Bug,' a strutting riff-rock monster from 1982's 'Diver Down,' to the obvious delight of the crowd. If we can be as selfish as possible, we'd like to request this, 'Girl Gone Bad' and the as-far-as-we-know never performed live 'Drop Dead Legs' at the upcoming Boston show.

Watch Van Halen Perform 'The Full Bug' in New York City