The votes are in and so far you, the readers, have spoken: Chickenfoot's 'Different Devil' is beating out Van Halen's 'Tattoo' in our recent head-to-head UCR poll.

But since we know VH went back to its early demos for inspiration when writing the songs for its new album 'A Different Kind of Truth,' we decided to follow suit for our next round of hot voting action. In today's poll, we're pitting 'Tattoo' against the song it started out as way back in the '70s, 'Down in Flames.'

It might not be a totally fair comparison -- after all, 'Tattoo' has the benefit of state-of-the-art recording technology, while this version of 'Down in Flames' is a muddy bootleg that's more than 30 years old. But on the other hand, 'Flames' boasts the complete original lineup during their young and hungry days, as well as a video that won't give you a seizure.

What do you think? Did a few rewrites and a few decades in the vaults help, or was 'Tattoo' better back when it was 'Down in Flames'? Listen to both tracks below and vote for your favorite!

Listen to Van Halen, 'Down in Flames'

Listen to Van Halen, 'Tattoo'