Welcome back to the David Lee Roth interview show! Tonight's guests include everybody's favorite rock star duo of brotherly love. No, not Noel and Liam, it's Eddie and Alex! Roth sits down with the Van Halen brothers for a little Q&A. Who better to dig under the surface for some historical Van Halen anecdotes than the ringleader himself?

After a quick lesson on what Starbucks and McDonalds are really selling from Alex, the conversation quickly shifts to record contracts, the language used in them, and general frustrations of 'the biz.' It's all talked about pretty humorously, and a particularly funny story about their first accountant follows. The trio then starts dishing some good info on the hectic time they had getting their second record done, seeing as how they were given just three weeks to do so. It's cool to see just how at ease and happy they are, just sitting and talking together.

A similarly entertaining conversation about the Van Halen brothers' musical educations popped up on the band's official site a few weeks back. With another 'to be continued.." tag popping up at the end of this one, we can rest assured there will be more tales of past lives and general merriment to follow!

Watch David Lee Roth Interview Eddie And Alex Van Halen