Metallica's James Hetfield didn't get his start, as it's so often stated, with Phantom Lord. Faith No More have an early connection to the band, too. Well into their career, Kirk Hammett decided to take guitar lessons from another famous shredder.

Think you know Metallica? Press play on the video above to learn more about these and other lesser-known facts. There are 20 of these gems in all, enough to test the knowledge of even the most die-hard fan.

Of course, Metallica -- with millions and millions of albums sold, scores of awards and a trail of sold-out shows to their credit -- have long since been famous enough that you might have heard about some of these obscurities. Still, we're guessing there are a few that will surprise even the most comprehensive trivia buffs.

This video from our sister site Loudwire also serves as a nice distraction until later in the fall, when Metallica has promised to begin work on a long-awaited new album. That follows the March release of a new song called ‘Lords of Summer.’ It’s been six long years since the release of their last album, ‘Death Magnetic.’