After the wall-to-wall coverage of Black Sabbath's 2013 comeback with Ozzy Osbourne, you might think you're all caught up on these legends. After all, it led to the band's first No. 1 album and a globetrotting sellout tour.

But not so fast. Our friends at Loudwire have a new video stuffed with lesser-known facts about Black Sabbath that just might surprise you. You can check it out above.

There's the lingering mystery of the woman featured on the band's debut album cover, and the surprising figure who suggested Osbourne's replacement in the band. Did you know Tony Iommi was once engaged to another metal star? That Black Sabbath boasts a musical connection to Jethro Tull, Queen and Judas Priest? And that Iommi secretly wrote a pop song?

Dig deeper into these and other intriguing bits of trivia while we wait to see what's next from Black Sabbath.

Watch 'You Think You Know Ozzy Osbourne?'