Roger Waters

Roger Waters has been <a href="">Pink Floyd</a>'s most prolific individual artist, though you might not know it. After all, he spent much of the time after releasing 'Amused to Death' touring solo versions of his old band's '<a href="">Dark Side of the Moon</a>' and '<a href="">The Wall</a>.' But he's actually issued more albums than any of his former bandmates since leaving Pink Floyd -- and could bolster that total if you added 1983's '<a href="">The Final Cut</a>,' which was essentially his work as interpreted by the band. His solo career hasn't disappointed, even with surprising experiments along the way like the sequencers on "Radio K.A.O.S." and opera on 2005's 'Ca Ira.' All along, the essential elements of Waters' best work in Pink Floyd have remained -- his way with a narrative, his cutting wit, his sharp commentary. And when he's collaborated (as with Pink Floyd) alongside a distinctive guitarist, be that <a href="">Eric Clapton</a> in the 'Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking' era or <a href="">Jeff Beck</a> on 'Amused to Death,' Waters has proven himself time and again equal to the legacy of what came before.

Roger Waters Speaks To The United Nations
Roger Waters waded into the world of foreign relations yesterday (Nov 29) when he addressed the United Nations. In a 25-minute speech, he spoke out against alleged violations of international law by Israel against the Palestinian people.
Roger Waters Rocks Benefit Concert with Band of Wounded Veterans
As the child of a soldier who perished in World War II, Roger Waters has always had a personal understanding of the veteran's plight, and it's been a part of his music for years -- as a member of Pink Floyd as well as a solo artist. On Thursday (Nov. 8), that commitment was reflected again…
Roger Waters – September 2012 Classic Rock Birthdays
Pink Floyd singer/songwriter/bassist/all around genius Roger Waters turns 69 years old on Sept. 6.
His conceptual influence helped make 1973's 'The Dark Side of the Moon' one of rock music's most important albums. In 1979, he took even more control with 'The Wall,' a dou…

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