The surprise appearance of Stevie Nicks during Maroon 5’s show at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday night was a delight for all of those lucky enough to witness it, and a dream come true for frontman Adam Levine.

Nicks appeared last month on the season finale of NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ on which Levine is a judge, and he expressed his love and admiration for her music, saying that he would “die to sing with her.”

Well, Levine got his wish, sharing the stage with the always-mesmerizing Nicks for a once in a lifetime performance of her signature song ‘Leather and Lace,’ originally recorded as a duet with Don Henley, in front of a sold-out crowd at the Hollywood Bowl.

As an added bonus, he’s still among the living, tweeting after the show that he was “speechless,’ noting that “it’s hard to shut me up.” You can visit our sister site Popcrush for additional details about the show.

“Leather and Lace’ came in at number eight on recent our list of Top 10 Duets, and if you're curious about what seven songs could possibly beat it, well.. check out the entire rundown here.

Watch Stevie Nicks And Maroon 5 Perform 'Leather And Lace'