In what may have been the greatest night of live band karaoke the world has ever seen, Dave Grohl premiered his 'Sound City' documentary at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday (Jan. 18) in style.

Rolling Stone is reporting that a concert lasting three hours and featuring 17 guest musicians rang out at Park City Live in Park City, Utah. With his Foo Fighters serving as house band, Grohl called up such legends as Stevie Nicks, John Fogerty and Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick to jam with him. In addition to Landslide' and 'Dreams,' Nicks sang a new song she wrote with Grohl, 'You Can't Fix This,' which was inspired by her godson's overdose.

Fogerty, with his "I won't play Creedence Clearwater Revival songs anymore" era long behind him, cranked out four classics, 'Bad Moon Rising,' 'Fortunate Son,' 'Proud Mary' and 'Born on the Bayou.' Some of the other stars to join in the fun were Grohl's former Nirvana bandmate Krist Novaselic and Corey Taylor of Slipknot. Even Rick Springfield got in on the fun, singing two of his biggest hits, 'Jessie's Girl,' 'I've Done Everything for You' and another Grohl collaboration, 'The Man That Never Was.'

'Sound City' is a documentary about the legendary Van Nuys, Calif. recording studio where many classic albums were recorded, and features interviews with such names as Tom Petty and Mick Fleetwood talking about their time there. Grohl, who recorded 'Nevermind' with Nirvana inside its walls, was so enamored with the studio that, upon its closing in 2011, he bought its Neve 8028 console for his home studio.

"I consider this to be the most important thing I’ve ever done, artistically, of all the albums I’ve made, of all the bands I’ve had the pleasure of being in," Grohl said at the premiere. "I really feel like the 'Sound City' movie, its intention is to inspire the next generation of kids to fall in love with music as much as I did."

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