So, is it white-winged doves or white weddings? "Edge of Seventeen" or "Eyes Without a Face"?

Balloting for the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame continues as final bracket contenders Stevie Nicks and Billy Idol square off. Once again, you get to decide this 100-percent fan-voted honor.

Nicks began her solo career away from Fleetwood Mac with a couple of charting duets, first with Tom Petty and then Don Henley -- the latter of whom is also one of this month's UCR Hall of Fame nominees -- before getting down to business. She subsequently reeled off six Top 20 hits between 1982-89, most notably the No. 5 'Stand Back' and No. 4 'Talk to Me.' Idol, after an early stint with punk rockers Generation X, was at his chart peak during the same period. He'd issue six of his own Top 20 songs between 1982-90, led by the No. 1 'Mony Mony' in 1987.

Who gets to follow Def Leppard, who won in a landslide over Van Halen to become our newest inductees? You decide whether Nicks or Idol moves on to the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame semi-finals.

Voting is allowed once a day between now and Monday, Oct. 20th, at 11:59PM ET. The winner will be revealed on Nov. 4. Be sure to read our official rules.

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