The contestants in our next bracket of Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame balloting have far more in common alliteratively than they ever did on record. In fact, other than the fact that both Dio and Don Henley begin with the same consonant, the next two artists vying to claim this 100-percent fan-voted honor couldn't be more different.

So, it's up to readers to decide which will be honored for their contributions to the genre in this regularly held contest. Def Leppard won the most recent competition, defeating Van Halen in a landslide.

Will it be that easy for Dio? After all, the group was led by former Elf, Rainbow and Black Sabbath frontman Ronnie James Dio -- a voice that helped define hard rock at the turn of the '80s. That said, Dio is not only up against the Eagles' principal creative force but also one of the most successful solo artists of the '80s.

Do you go for 'The Boys of Summer' or 'Holy Diver'? 'The End of the Innocence' or 'Rainbow in the Dark'? It won't be easy, but you ultimately decide who moves on to the semi-finals. Voting is allowed once a day between now and Monday, Oct. 20th, at 11:59PM ET. The winner will be revealed on Nov. 4. Be sure to read our official rules.