Here we are at the second night of the 'American Idol' semi-finals. As we've already mentioned, this week there's one evening dedicated to each gender of remaining singers, and then a results-type show on Thursday.

Let's see what Steven Tyler had to say about the ladies.

After practically tongue-bathing all the guys on Tuesday night (even the ones who were rather "meh"), it was rather shocking when the judges actually got ... well, judgy on the first couple girls. Weird.

And then we were back to praising the mediocre and the overblown, and all was right in the world of 'Idol' again. For an example, read about the reaction Skylar Laine got for singing 'Stay With Me' by the Faces.

But you know, the thing about this show -- especially when it's overrun with singers like it is now -- is it's okay to be good and it's okay to be awful. The giant cardinal sin is simply being forgettable. We're honestly surprised every year when no one comes out and juggles flaming shards of glass just so they'll stand out from the crowd.

Oh, and if you aren't sure a chick singer is as bad as you think she is, wait for these words from Steven and the other judges: "You look beautiful." That's 'Idol' code for "wow that was the suckiest suck that ever sucked but hey, at least you looked great doing it."

Steven said that a lot tonight.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint) there was no swimming with the sharks or nipple-flashing, but hey, there's always Thursday night. See you then.